Mercedes-Benz V-Class

6 Passengers

4 Luggages

5 Doors

The Mercedes-Benz Vito is a light commercial van (M) produced by Mercedes-Benz. It is available as a standard panel van for cargo (called Vito), or with passenger accommodations substituted for part or all of the load area (called V-Class or Viano).

The V-Class/Viano is a large MPV. The first generation went on sale in 1996. The second generation was introduced in 2004, and the vehicle received the new Viano name. In 2010, the vehicle was facelifted with revised front and rear bumpers and lights. The interior was also improved with upgraded materials and new technology. The third generation was launched in 2014 and returned to being called V-Class.

The Viano is available in both rear- and four-wheel-drive configurations and comes in three lengths, two wheelbases and a choice of four petrol and diesel engines (as well as two specialist tuned models) coupled to either a six-speed manual or five-speed TouchShift automatic transmission.

Why Opt for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class with VIP Transfer Milan:


Spacious Elegance for Every Journey: Experience the perfect blend of functionality and elegance with the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. From its sleek exterior to the roomy interior, this vehicle is designed to accommodate your travel needs in style. Whether you’re on a business trip or a leisurely tour, enjoy the luxury of space.

Versatile Configurations for Your Convenience: The V-Class offers versatile configurations to suit your preferences. Whether you’re opting for a standard panel van for cargo or a passenger-friendly V-Class for a group transfer, VIP Transfer Milan ensures that your journey is tailored to your specific requirements. Choose the flexibility that fits your travel agenda.

Cutting-Edge Technology at Your Fingertips: Stay connected and entertained on the go with the cutting-edge technology integrated into the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. VIP Transfer Milan ensures that your transfers are not just comfortable but also infused with modern amenities, enhancing your overall travel experience.

Safety and Reliability for Peace of Mind: Your safety is our top priority. The Mercedes-Benz V-Class comes equipped with advanced safety features, providing a secure environment for your journey. Trust VIP Transfer Milan for reliable and secure transfers, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Tailored Luxury for Group Transfers: Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or colleagues, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class offers a luxurious group transfer experience. VIP Transfer Milan invites you to enjoy the camaraderie of group travel without compromising on comfort and style. Elevate your group transfers with the V-Class.


Choose Versatility, Choose the Mercedes-Benz V-Class


VIP Transfer Milan invites you to choose versatility and sophistication for your transfers. Opt for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class and redefine your travel experience. From business trips to leisurely excursions, this vehicle caters to your diverse needs with elegance and efficiency.


Tailored Group Transfers with VIP Transfer Milan – Experience Luxury in Every Mile with the Mercedes-Benz V-Class.


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